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A Better Sandwich!

Our Sandwiches are prepared with a variety of high quality Meats, Vegetables and Toppings. Served on your choice of Breads, Buns or Wraps. We have all the traditional Sandwich Sauces as well as a variety of delicious new sauces such as Pesto Aioli, Mango Vinigarette, Chipotle Aioli and many more!


A Better Salad!

Our Meal-Sized Salads are prepared with your choice of Fresh Greens, Vegetables, Toppings, and Cheese. Choose your Salad Dressings from our wide selection! If you wish, you can add Avocado, a Hard-boiled Egg, or a portion of Meat to your Salad


Offering Eat In/Take Out and Catering!

We are located in the heart of Woodstock's downtown across from City Hall. We welcome you to Eat In or Take Out. Offering Catering for any size crowd with Delivery for only $7.50 within Woodstock.



Sandwich & Wrap Platters:

Our sandwiches are prepared with a variety of high quality Meats, Vegetables and Toppings. Served on Breads, Buns and Wraps.    


*Gluten Free Options Are Available

*Vegetarian/Vegan Options Are Available      

Vegetable & Dip Platters:

 A variety of fresh Baby Carrots, Cucumber, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cherry Tomatoes.  Served with a delicious Dill dip. 

12” Platter: $30.00 

16” Platter: $45.00 

18” Platter: $55.00

Fresh Cut Fruit Platter:

An assortment of fresh cut Melons, Grapes and Pineapple cut into bite-size pieces. Served with a creamy Vanilla Yogurt dip. 

12” Platter: $37.50 

16” Platter: $55.00 

18” Platter: $65.00

Dessert Platters:

An assortment of Mini Tarts, Cheesecake Bites, Chocolate Brownies, Cinnamon Bun Bites, Mini Cupcakes and Gourmet Squares.

12” Platter: $40.00 

16” Platter: $55.00 

18” Platter: $65.00

Salad Platters:

Choose from a Freshly Prepared Garden Salad, Greek Salad or Caesar Salad. Dressing is served on the side.

12" Platter: $35.00

16" Platter: $50.00

18" Platter: $60.00

Catering is Offered 24/7:

Questions about catering?

Phone: 519-421-0555 

Fax 519-421-2555



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Tiffins A Better Sandwich

497 Dundas St, Woodstock, Ontario N4S, Canada

Phone: (519) 421-0555 Fax: (519) 421-2555

Winter Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 3:00pm

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Catering: 24/7